Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Manfrotto 055 Tripod

Originally posted on Oct 17th 2009 @ 14:21

I recently bought an old Manfrotto 055 professional tripod from eBay.  It came with an old 155 head but was missing the 1/4" screw part that attaches the camera to the head.  After a couple of weeks of waiting I got a tripod screw to hot shoe adapter which I used as the missing part but it wasn't ideal so I final gave in and bought a new 804RC2 3 way pan/tilt head from Amazon.

The 804RC2 head uses a quick release plate which allows the camera to be removed or securely attached in seconds.
At its lowest the 055 is just 50cm from the floor which puts the camera a mere 62cm from the floor including the head. When the legs are fully extended it reaches a very high 1M 80cm (over 6ft) putting the camera 1M 92cm from the ground which is way over my head.

The Tripod and head are extremely well  build and feel solid and durable.  It's not the lightest of tripods but not exactly heavy either but as  I'm not a professional photographer so I won't be lugging it about everywhere I go so it's not really a problem.